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Last Updated on 25th June, 2014.

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History of Jobs Lanka

We are a website targeting Sri Lankan job market.  We possess highest technology in web designing, seo and e-commerce in satisfying our customers need of the hour. Our target is to become the top internet job advertising service provider of Sri Lankan companies within a year's time.

Vision of

"Our vision is to become the top internet job advertising publisher in Sri Lanka and become the first choice of the potential local job applicants."

Testimonials of Jobs Lanka

"Market survey - February - March, 2014"  - We have identified that only few  Sri Lankan companies operate in the market of 'internet job advertising service providing'. Out of those job banks several companies are leading. However we have identified that majority of these companies are having many issues like; poor use of new technology, poor advertising, over pricing, etc. Therefore we have identified that there is a greater opportunity to provide 'good job advertising service' using 'best technology' at 'cheaper price rates'.  

"Site design and domain registration - March,2014 " - After a deeper research we have decided to come up with an attractive domain name ""

"Site advertising and job application publishing- March - April ,2014 " - We have contacted potential Sri Lankan job providers/ employers and gave them the opportunity to publish the job vacancies. We have given an 'offer' of 'free first 50 top jobs'. Also we have allocated a '50% discount' to first 10 affiliated companies join in hands with  

"Facebook advertising - April, 2014 "  - We have promoted our webpage with a paid Facebook advertising campaign. Currently we are having around 3000 Facebook fans who are potential job seekers in Sri Lanka. All our webpages are indexed in every search engine and our top  web pages are visible for some top target search queries. 

"Page rankings in search engines - May, 2014"  - With our continuous effort, now our website is leading in rankings for some target key words at bing and yahoo. We expect to achieve the same in other search engines in near coming future.